Paraguay aims to be a centre of technological development at a regional level through MITIC conduct

Asunción, IP. Agency – The Ministry of Technologies of Information and Communications (MITIC, by its acronym in Spanish) is working to support the development of Paraguay through technology and communication, as well as position the country as a technological and communication benchmark for the region, according to the Minister, Gustavo Villate, in an article published on a specialized site in Spain.

In the article, Minister Villate points out a challenge of the new management of MITIC, which seeks to mark “a before and after” in projects such as digital identity, transparency, digital government, citizen communication, health, education, security, generation of new job positions, debureaucratization and Paraguay as a technological epicentre.

“With the Ministry of Technologies of Information and Communication, we have a broad challenge since technology and communication are transversal to all pillars of a government plan that President Santiago Peña and his team are executing”, says the Minister.

In that sense, says the Minister, the role of MITIC is going to be crucial since the challenge is to perform a digital transformation for the kids that live very far from the Capital, to have the same opportunities as those that live in an urban zone and accessing the benefits of the digital world.

At the same time, there are challenges to putting technology into the health service to provide a service with little waiting. “For the elderly that would wait hours to receive medical attention, it is not the tendency anymore”.

Also, there are internal and national security challenges, so Paraguayans feel more protected in that sense.

“When we talk about technology, we generally think about something technical and complicated, and we often forget that behind every implementation, there is a face which we can make their life easier by providing the resources for development”, declares Villate.

Communication as a bridge between the state and the citizens

“The component of communication in the management, such as technology, permeates to all scopes”, states Villate.

“We look forward to a communication that generates closeness with people, a bridge between the government, the state and the citizens” details.

“Also, we desire to spawn a communication that can transparent all the management, advertising every action, delivering useful and relevant information to the Paraguayans. But most of all, to be a true communication. This means being bidirectional, sending and publishing information, but simultaneously listening to people to comprehend and know their needs”, holds.

Paraguay as a reference position

“President Peña has been very clear about his trust towards MITIC, to prop the development of Paraguay from technology and communication, and to position our country as a technological and communication reference for the region, and it is a great responsibility,” mentions Villate in the article.

“He has also been clear about a not least important topic: Transparency. From MITIC, we will always bet to a management that is the most transparent possible, and we will not tolerate any act of corruption, no matter how small it is. Transparency is for us, unnegotiable”.

“I have trust in the team we are conforming to put MITIC at the service of the development of every Paraguayan and to achieve the big challenges we have in front of us. A team of young people with lots of experience, but, overall, with the needed patriotism to do things right and to mark a before and after within this important Ministry. I know that by working together, we will do it”, he concludes.