Increasing relations with the US political system to demonstrate Paraguay’s importance

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, stated that it is essential to increase relations between Paraguay and the United States political system, aiming to make known the relevance of our country in its defense of values and strategic position.

«We have to involve with Capitol Hill,» he assured during his participation in a discussion of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America & Caribbean (AACCLA). Previous to the panel, Peña reported two meetings with Senator Martin Heinrich and legislator Mario Díaz-Balart to address «issues of binational interest.»

He said that Paraguay is an important country for the United States for its defense of values, such as democracy and freedom, for its relation with Taiwan, its support to Israel, and what it represents for the region’s security to impede the influence of Iran and China.

«There is a common denominator (about the influence of Iran and China), and it is that they seek countries with economic weaknesses, but they do not get into Paraguay because it maintains macro stability and a thriving democracy. These are walls that we must maintain firmly for the future», expressed Peña.

He explained his position by pointing out that he does not see international relations as ideological matters. Still, it is important to him to share values, such as democracy, freedom, and economic ties, for the well-being of the people.

«People see my background and think of me as an economist of the extreme right. I am not. I know the strengths and weakness of the market’s policy and the importance of public policies, of the programs that allow social mobility, and the role that education and public health perform in creating an environment for progress,» he explained.

President Santiago Peña during his presentation at the AACCLA. Video Capture.

Legacy of economic sustainable growth

Paraguay is leading the production of renewal electric energy. It has the potential to be a great food producer and become the logistic center of the southern cone.

«I see Paraguay as a platform of opportunities for the private sector» because of its competitive advantages, its fertile soil, and projects such as the waterway and the Bioceanic Road Corridor, he added.

President Peña pointed out that in the future, his government will appeal to the investment of human capital. Also, he has the intention to demonstrate a balance between development, innovation, and protection of the environment. Regarding this, he indicated that one of his projects is to create the most significant urban park in Latin America in Asunción and convert the capital into the region’s most important cities.