Ministry of Public Works seeks to recover Caballero Park and turn it into a «Central Park» from Asunción

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC, by its acronym in Spanish) announced that Caballero Park «has a great potential to become into a Central Park from Asunción,» and through the credit recently approved by the Congress for interventions in the coastal line, the recovering works will start.

«We have always talked about Caballero’s Park and its potential to become some sort of Central Park in Asunción; that is why we are glad to announce that the Deputy Chamber approved this week the credit which we will fund this ambitious project,» said Amilcar Guillén, Director of Strategic Projects of the MOPC, during the TV show «Tribuna» from Paraguay TV.

The Project «Urban resilience in the coastal strip of Asunción» will have an investment of USD 105 million and includes works in the Tacumbú neighborhood (with the construction of homes), the recovery of Caballero Park, and interventions in the Banco San Miguel neighborhood.

The works are part of the Road Infrastructure Plan 2028 presented by Minister Claudia Centurión, and it will invest USD 5.500 million in the next five years and generate 300,000 employments.

Urban investment

Guillén said that the transformation of Caballero Park will cost around USD 12 million. «We are working jointly with the Municipality of Asunción and the Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and Habitat (MUVH, by its acronym in Spanish) since this project also has a social and environmental component. Thus, we also have working tables set up with other civil society actors,» he highlighted.

The MOPC also plans the construction of other large urban parks in the country’s main cities. «These parks will be spaces for recreation and leisure for citizens and will contribute to improving the quality of life of Paraguayans,» he added.

Guillén highlighted that the recovery of Caballero Park and the construction of urban parks are the Government’s commitment to the citizens. «These projects will improve the population’s quality of life,» he said.

With the recent approval of the resources, the MOPC will initiate the structuration stage of the Project Execution Unit, which will be in charge of making these works. It was estimated that the first results will be visible in 2024. «I believe that for the amount of investment that the park requires, that is not only a project of the park but an urban transformation of the whole territory, the first results will be seen from next year on.»