The Paraguayan Post Service is a strategic ally of the citizens

Written by Dra Nidia Rosa López de González, General Director of the Paraguayan Post Service

Today is an exceptional date: Commemorating National Post Service Day (October 9th). This occasion is suitable to show that the Paraguayan Post Service is a strategic ally of citizens.

This institution distributes the debit cards of the National Bank of Development (BNF, by its acronym in Spanish) for all social programs from the Government, such as Tekoporã Mbarete, Tenonderã, older adults and scholarships from the Government. It also includes new and renovation cards for retired people, pensioners and current workers of the state.

To all these, the monthly payment is added through mobile cashiers of the Post Service for the families that benefited from the Tekoporã Mbarete program in the most remote zones of the country. Through the Post Service, workers from the Institution of Social Prevision (IPS, by its acronym in Spanish), retired people, and pensioners also receive their monthly income. 

Likewise, the Paraguayan Post Service promotes access to essential financial services, with the transfer of money with Spain and Uruguay with more accessible costs of the market, in relationship to other enterprises that offer the same service. Also, there are negotiations for expanding this service with the Republic of Chile. To all of the above, we must add the millions of postal items processed by the postal entity’s officials that reach their recipients daily.

It is impossible to deny that times have changed, and logically, many traditions stayed behind with the technological innovations of our present. Today, few people receive letters of handwriting from a particular place in the world, but that does not mean that the Post Office is not still valid as in its best times.

Communication during this technological era favours the Post Service because it induces many products to move from one place to another. The Infonet Network can acquire products from a cellphone or a computer, and the only way to transport them and arrive at their final destination is through the Postal Service.

The Postal Service has adjusted to the dizzying technological advances and will continue to take significant steps forward. The postal service will continue to have great relevance in people’s daily lives due to the task that has been identified since ancient times.

A fact of no less relevance is evident in the 260 locations that Paraguayan Post Service has, with a presence in the 17 departments, and at an international level, it exchanges correspondence and parcels with 192 countries. It also guarantees the best prices for local and external shipments on the market.

With the help of the different state organisms and the equal effort of all their network, the Paraguayan Post Service will recover its credibility to position it as an active competitor in the market and strengthen its role as a strategic ally among the citizens.