Chancellery and representatives of unions ratified their position about the waterway

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rubén Ramírez Lezcano, met with River and Maritime Shipowners Center representatives. On that occasion, they ratified the commitment to full compliance with the River Transportation Agreement for the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway.

During the encounter, Paraguay’s position regarding the unrestricted compliance with the Santa Cruz de la Sierra River Transport Agreement for the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway and respect for the competence and institutionality of the intergovernmental bodies, the Intergovernmental Waterway Committee and the Agreement Commission.

The President of the National Administration of Navigation and Ports, Julio Cesar Vera Cáceres, and the River and Maritime Shipowners Center representatives, Raúl Valdez and Jim Reid, were at the meeting.

“We are in the position of continuing to discuss technical issues and find a solution to the protection of the Santa Cruz de la Sierra River Transportation Agreement,” manifested Vera Cáceres, who also announced that the National Commission of the Waterway Paraguay- Paraná is due to be on coming Friday.

During the past week, technical verification of the navigability between the confluence of the Paraná and Paraguay rivers to the port of Santa Fe was made.

The expeditions were made on a conventional vessel, aiming to verify the difficulties and efficiency of the services. Also, to explore alternative channels and critical points, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.