Peña with Pope Francis: «His spiritual guide inspires us to build a more solidarity Paraguay»

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, met today with Pope Francis at the Vatican. The Head of State claimed that the spiritual guide of the Holy Father inspired them to build more solidarity in Paraguay.

«Thank you, Your Holiness, for the warm reception,» said the Paraguayan President through a message on the social network X, where he shared images of the general audience held with Francis, the only one that appears on the agenda of the day of the leader of the Catholic Church.

«His spiritual guide and commitment to humanity inspire us to build with the whole society a more solidarity Paraguay and sensitive to people’s needs,» expressed the President, mentioning to the Supreme Pontiff, who reduced his activities agenda because of a lung inflammation that caused «some breathing difficulties.»

President Peña was accompanied in the audience by his wife, the First Lady of the Nation, Leticia Ocampos, and also their children, Gonzalo and Constanza.

The meeting took place in Santa Marta’s house. The Holy Father spoke in a private meeting with President Santiago Peña, to later receive the rest of the delegation comprised of the President of Congress, Silvio Ovelar, and the President of the Supreme Court of Justice César Diesel, among others.

The Head of State said that the meeting with the Supreme Pontiff was a wonderful moment to talk with him and to transmit Paraguay’s love and affection, which constantly prays for him, and remember his visit in 2015, which was a blessing for all Paraguayans.

«It is unavoidable to talk about the woman; he remembered them, the ones who rebuilt the homeland, maintained the culture and language, and, of course, sent greetings and blessings to the Paraguayan people. It was truly wonderful to share this opportunity with him and convey Paraguay’s affection for her and the Catholic Church,» he added.

Peña and the Holy Father spoke about the global situation. «Undoubtedly, he is a leader constantly calling for peace and harmony. In its history, after having gone through a fratricidal war, Paraguay also has a moral responsibility to ask for peace and be a light in the fight for democracy,» he noted.

«We also spoke about our significant advances in economics and our debts in society. We agree that we must continue working on a good economy but one with a human face,» said Peña.

Chipa and other presents for the Holy Father

Peña gifted the Holy Father a filigree rosary, a manger made by artisans from the original Nivacle community, a chipa basket, the image of the Virgin of Caacupé carved in Palo Santo, and a 60-stripe poncho.

On the other hand, the Holy Father gave President Santiago Peña several gifts. One of them is a bronze work dedicated to mercy. The object is composed of two painted bronze fusions; the first, in the background, frames a woman with a child in her arms and, behind her, a boat with migrants.

The second fusion in the foreground shows two hands shaking hands with another person. The legend «Let’s fill our hands with other hands» refers to Pope Francis’ constant call to welcome and mercy. In addition, the Holy Father gave the presidential couple several works of his authorship, including his latest encyclicals, a rosary, and the pontifical medal.

Meeting with Cardinal Parolin

Afterward, Peña met with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See, with whom he spoke about the relationship of the Vatican State with Paraguay.

«An excellent relationship that in some way I was already talking with members of the episcopal conference, Cardinal Adalberto Martínez, about issues of national and international interest. We talk about Latin America, about the conflicts that hit various parts of the world: Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, and that Paraguay has the possibility of calling for dialogue; we have the responsibility to ask for peace.