COP 28: Paraguay is already part of the solution and suffers the consequences of the damages, concludes Peña

Asunción, Agencia IP.– President Santiago Peña concluded his participation in COP 28 by pointing out that «Paraguay is already part of the solution» to the climate consequences evaluated at the summit and that the delegation has shown the country’s potential for sustainable development.

«My message was clear: Paraguay is already part of the solution and suffers the consequences of the damage that the most developed economies are doing. That is why we have raised our firm voice in defense of Paraguay’s productive development model,» he said in a video released by the Presidency of the Republic.

On Saturday, the President concluded his participation in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which brings together representatives from 197 countries, multilateral organizations, and companies to analyze policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. atmosphere.

Peña stated that Paraguay has to «reject and endure the enormous pressure that we are receiving at the international level for the application of sanctions and measures that will limit the development of our country.»

During his presentation before the plenary session, on the second day of meetings, the President expressed that, as established by the Paris Agreement, responsibilities for climate change must be shared but differentiated.

Opportunity to present the country’s reality

The delegation of authorities that participated in the summit in Dubai indicated the importance of presenting «the reality of Paraguay» and its opportunities for sustainable development.

In this regard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ruben Ramírez, claimed that our country generates 100% of its electrical energy in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, «it is a country that has not deforested for more than 20 years, has one of the largest green reserves and with «an agricultural production system that, sustainably, generates food for the world and contributes to the fight against hunger.»

The Director of Itaipu, Justo Zacarías, pointed out that the binational company presented its environmental actions as the largest generator of clean and renewable energy and its 80,000 hectares of reserves.

«Many presidents have made meas culpa in plenary sessions. However, Paraguay made it quite clear that it complies with the environment, and Itaipu contributes to that,» he pointed out.