Mitic announces significant transformation to enhance public services

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MITIC) is transforming substantially to provide more efficient and comprehensive services to the citizens, as MITIC’s Minister, Gustavo Villate, revealed in a recent interview on Radio Universo 970 AM.

During the conversation, Villate emphasized MITIC’s commitment to closely collaborate with all public institutions, providing them with technological and communication tools. The Minister highlighted that this change in the ministerial dynamics seeks to enhance the provision of digital and communication services in the government sector.

The Minister openly acknowledged the achievements made so far, emphasizing a fundamental shift in the previous work culture. Despite recognizing errors in executing some projects, Villate assured that they are actively and transparently addressed, especially in communication.

Furthermore, Villate underscored the crucial role of MITIC as the legal liaison between the Executive and the Compañía Paraguaya de Comunicaciones (Copaco). He highlighted that this has led to a more prominent role for MITIC in coordinating efforts and implementing strategic policies.

The recent decision made during Copaco’s ordinary assembly, appointing Oscar Stark as the new President of the state-owned company, aims to align the company’s planning with the goals and strategies of the Paraguayan government. This measure ensures greater efficiency in executing projects and services for the citizens.

The transformation within MITIC reflects a renewed commitment to providing more effective services aligned with the population’s needs, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence in the country’s technological and communication sector.