Over 80,000 people have already used pre-migratory registration to expedite border procedures

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Since its implementation at the border crossings of Puerto Falcón, Encarnación, and Ciudad del Este, over 80,000 individuals have already used the pre-migratory registration, significantly expediting entry and exit procedures from the country.

The positive outcomes of this innovation were detailed this Friday by the National Director of Migrations, Jorge Kronawetter, and the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies (Mitic), Gustavo Villate, from the border checkpoint of Puerto Falcón.

«We have registered around 80,000 registrations, but we understand that this number is growing daily, and this outreach is to make people aware and use this platform, which is quite practical and will save them time,» the National Director of Migrations expressed.

He highlighted that usually, without this system, it takes a Migration official to process a person’s data approximately 30 seconds. However, with digital pre-registration, the official must simply read the QR code generated by the platform, reducing the process per person to 3 or 4 seconds. “That, in a large volume of people, has a huge impact,” pointed out Kronawetter.

Minister Villate, on his part, highlighted that this system was initially implemented with long-distance bus passengers, allowing for necessary adjustments. Since December 30, it has been extended to everyone passing through the mainland border checkpoints.

«We see the agility of this process, but we do need to promote the use of pre-migratory registration more,» said the minister, announcing that «the idea is to extend this in the coming weeks and months to other checkpoints.»

Simultaneously, efforts are underway to make pre-registration available for air transit passengers, streamlining all migratory procedures.

Additionally, Mitic aims to collaborate with neighboring countries to have a more integrated system. This facilitates border procedures and strengthens security by providing real-time information, even to security agencies.

More digital services from Mitic

On the other hand, Villate announced that the institution in his charge is already working to expedite the minor’s permit procedures, which are in high demand during the holiday season, to reduce crowds and facilitate this process for the citizens.

He further informed that work is underway on the second phase of digitizing mandatory possession documents within the national territory. This will allow access through the Portal Paraguay without requiring an internet connection.

Gustavo Villate, Mitic’s Minister. Photo source: Agencia IP.

In general, Villate highlighted that Mitic is actively working on system integration among various institutions for real-time data access, improving information services «always for the benefit of citizens.»

He mentioned strengthening the Hospital Information Systems (HIS), which will soon be extended to the Social Security Institute and the private healthcare sector.

Efforts are also directed towards streamlining bureaucratic procedures within the judiciary and municipalities nationwide, Villate added.

«We came to provide the citizens with a much more streamlined and efficient service,» asserted Villate.