Paraguay applies to host the 2027 Pan-American Games

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, signed the letter of intent on Thursday, nominating Asunción as the host city for the 2027 Pan American Games, aiming to establish Paraguay as the epicenter of sports at the continental level.

The Minister of the National Secretariat of Sports (SND), César Ramírez, and the President of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP), Camilo Pérez, reported that President Peña signed the letter of intent requested by Panam Sport to countries vying to host the Pan-American Games.

«This is the beginning of a process that will possibly last a few months, but we are confident that Asunción can once again become a super host for the upcoming Pan-American Games,» said the President of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee.

«The decision made by the president is due to his state policy of supporting sports and using sports to transform Paraguayan society, seeking to improve the values of the entire society,» he added.

He also emphasized that this application «is part of the process» that began with the Odesur Asu2022 Games and continued with obtaining the hosting rights for the Junior Pan-Americans in 2025. «The step towards Asunción 2027 would be the total transformation of Paraguayan sports,» Pérez affirmed.

The host city for the 2027 Pan-American Games came under discussion again after the organizing body, Panam Sport, withdrew the initially awarded venue from Colombia, particularly the city of Barranquilla.

Until January 31, all countries on the continent wishing to host this sports event will have time to submit their letter of intent.

The Minister of Sports, César Ramírez, highlighted that Paraguay’s request is well underway because it has «full support from the National Government.» The investments required align with the plans and projects of the current administration.

«The conversation with the president, which began yesterday, was to analyze the budgetary aspect because the Junior Pan-Americans in 2025 will already be part of the path to the Pan-Americans in 2027 so that the expenditure is not only in the last two years,» explained the President of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee.

He emphasized that due to the Asu2022 Games, the city already has «90% of the sports infrastructure built.» The most significant pending investment would be the Pan-American Village, which should have the capacity to accommodate around 10,000 people.

«We are delighted and calm because we believe that we are an ideal partner for Panam Sport to host the games because we are in a very nice process. If chosen as the host for the 2027 Pan-Americans, Paraguay would become an example of sports development not only in the region but globally,» said Pérez.