The Director of Koica highlights work being done in technology and communication

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Daehwan Kim, the Director of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (Koica) in Paraguay, praised the cooperation projects with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (Mitic) in such fields.

This was emphasized during the courtesy visit made to Mitic Minister Gustavo Villate on the occasion of the conclusion of his mission in our country. Kim highlighted the collaborative work in areas such as technology and communication.

The authorities agreed that the relations between both countries allow for significant achievements in technological development projects for Paraguay.

Minister Villate expressed gratitude for Koica’s support for Mitic projects. «Cooperation with Koica is essential for the development of our country,» he stated. «We aim for the projects we are implementing to impact the citizens positively,» he emphasized.

These projects are part of the bilateral cooperation between Paraguay and South Korea, which has been ongoing for over 30 years.