Mitic and MIC join forces to optimize Simex and strengthen the competitiveness of maquiladoras

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (Mitic) and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) are working together to update the Integrated System for Export Maquilas (Simex).

The main objective is to simplify and automate, through technology, the processes carried out by maquiladora companies, which will increase their competitiveness in the international market.

In a recent meeting, the Vice Minister of Industry, Lorena Méndez, the executive secretary of the National Council of Export Maquila Industries (Cnime), Natalia Cáceres, and the Minister of Mitic, Gustavo Villate, discussed the incorporation of new modules into Simex.

These modules will focus on task automation, reducing deadlines and costs, and streamlining procedures.

The aim is to continue the joint work between both ministries in developing various procedures with successful results, which have provided benefits to the private sector by reducing deadlines, saving costs in processes, increasing speed, and reducing printing expenses.

«As a result of this and the great support with impactful results obtained, it is planned to continue with other joint projects to update and optimize new modules that we want to introduce to the platform, and that is what we presented to the Mitic minister,» Méndez said.

For her part, the executive secretary of Cnime, Natalia Cáceres, emphasized that the digitization of processes is essential to guarantee traceability, efficiency, and transparency in the operations of maquiladoras. «This initiative will provide better service to investors and strengthen the sector’s competitiveness,» she said.

Benefits for consumers

The meeting also included the participation of the Head of the Secretariat for Consumer and User Defense (Sedeco), Sara Delia Irún Sosa. The need to provide Sedeco with computer tools and management software to improve consumer service was discussed in this context.

Vice Minister Méndez mentioned that the MIC is committed to supporting Sedeco, a new institution requiring technology and budget to strengthen its institutional efficiency. «With our support, we aim for Sedeco to update its management with computer tools, which will allow electronic tracking of files and other improvements in consumer service,» she concluded.