Ongoing efforts in organizing the Latin American Special Olympics

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The country team met with the participation of the First Lady of the Nation, Leticia Ocampos, and the Minister of Sports, César Ramírez, along with representatives from 20 other public institutions.

«We met to present to our highest authorities what we know will be an important milestone. The Latin American Special Olympics Asunción 2024 will constitute a unique event where we will celebrate the tenacity and effort of athletes with disabilities who will demonstrate to us that great things can be achieved,» declared the First Lady.

She added, «We are committed to accompanying, getting excited, and above all, learning and growing with hundreds of athletes who will come from all over America,» said Ocampos in her greeting to the Ministers and representatives of the institutions that will join efforts for the success of the multidisciplinary event.

For his part, the Minister of Sports, César Ramírez, expressed, «It is a great joy to be able to share this morning a new meeting that allows us to advance towards this great challenge that is the Latin American Special Olympics Games, an event that is also a significant step towards the construction of a Paraguay that is increasingly inclusive, of a more inclusive world.»

«We are going to celebrate a great gathering where we will demonstrate the positive power of sports and its importance in breaking down any barrier. As our president, Santiago Peña said: Paraguay is meant for great things,» highlighted Ramírez.

The country team, led by the Office of the First Lady and the National Secretariat of Sports, will also be composed of representatives of institutions of the Government of Paraguay, such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, among others.

In attendance at the meeting were, in addition to the First Lady and the Minister of Sports, the Minister of Education and Sciences, Luis Ramírez; the Head of MITIC, Gustavo Villate; the Minister of Youth, Florencia Taboada; Adriana Ortíz, Minister of Culture; Maria Teresa Barán, Minister of Health; General (Ret.) Óscar González, Head of National Defense, and Minister Angie Duarte of SENATUR, among others.

Also present were Claudia Etcheverry, Director of Special Olympics Latin America; Cáceres Brun, President of Special Olympics Paraguay; Julio Ferrari, Vice President of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee; and the Coordinators of the Asu 2024 Games, Victor Pecci and Larissa Schaerer.

Asunción 2024

The Latin American Special Olympics Games will be held from October 3 to 13 and for the first time in Asunción, Paraguay. More than 1,000 athletes from over 20 countries will participate in this humanitarian experience to help build cultural bridges and promote the full inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in our region.

The event will feature three main venues: the National Secretariat of Sports Complex, the Paraguayan Olympic Park, and the National Aquatic Center. More than 5,000 volunteers will gather to accompany the athletes and their more than 300 coaches. Over 150 judges are expected, and approximately 1,500 family members will attend as spectators on the days, including a program of 12 sports, 13 disciplines, and one exhibition sport.