Asunción, a candidate city to host the XX Pan American Games 2027, will receive Panam Sports tomorrow

Asunción, Agencia IP.- As part of the selection process for the host city of the 2027 Pan American Games , where Asunción is a candidate with Lima, the Inspection Commission of Panam Sports will arrive this Wednesday, March 6, in our capital to conduct a thorough evaluation of the city’s sports and logistical infrastructure until Thursday, March 7. The final decision on the designation of the host will be announced at an extraordinary assembly on March 12, with the participation of 41 member countries of Panam Sports.

Led by distinguished members of the continental organization, the delegation will be received by the President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, consolidating the tireless commitment of the government and the Paraguayan people to once again host a world-class sporting event, the most important in its history.

The visit of the Inspection Commission not only represents a unique opportunity to highlight the potential of Asunción as the host of the XX Pan American Games 2027 but also emphasizes the importance of this event for the country. Achieving host status would help continue to promote and develop sports in the country, providing unprecedented opportunities for local athletes and future generations.

Furthermore, the hosting of the Games would involve the construction and improvement of sports infrastructure in Paraguay, leaving a lasting legacy and allowing Paraguay to host international sporting events once again in the future.

The high positive impact on the tourism sector is emphasized, as it would attract many tourists and visitors to Paraguay, thus benefiting the local economy and providing a unique platform to showcase Paraguayan culture, gastronomy, and tourist attractions internationally.

The organization of the XX Pan American Games in Paraguay would allow for

closer ties with other countries in Latin America and the world, fostering cultural, sporting, and economic exchange. These aspects will undoubtedly help to add and position our country’s brand on the world stage.