Paraguay with expectations to be selected as host of the 2027 Pan American Games

Asunción, Agencia IP.- On March 12th, during the Extraordinary Assembly of Panam Sports, the decision on the host city for the upcoming 2027 Pan American Games will be made, and Paraguay hopes to be chosen, according to Camilo Pérez, President of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (POC).

In an interview with Panam Sports, Pérez said, «Paraguay is a small giant. We are a small country in size but big in convictions,» referring to Asunción, Paraguay’s bid to host the 2027 Pan American Games.

In this context, Pérez addressed the Presidents of the National Olympic Committees who will vote on March 12th at the Extraordinary General Assembly of Panam Sports.

80% of sports are centralized in two main parks

Paraguayan Olympic Committee (POC).

He mentioned the stability and tranquility provided by the Government of Santiago Peña, whose term ends in 2028 and one of his state policies in sports. «As well as having a large part of the infrastructure completed and 80% of sports centralized in two main parks, which are a great strength to be more than ready in the short time we have left until 2027,» he emphasized.

«It is an opportunity for a country and an NOC that has not yet organized these Games to do so. At the same time, we trust in our capacity and want to be an inspirational case for small NOCs like ours. I respectfully hope to have your valuable support,» said the POC President.

He also addressed athletes from across the American continent, expressing that the raison d’être of these Games is them. «We believe we can organize successful Pan American Games. We are motivated and committed so that they will have an unforgettable experience in our country if selected as the host. We will work on every detail to offer them everything they need to excel in their sports performance. It will also be a great opportunity for them to enjoy our culture and hospitality,» he emphasized.

Reasons for Paraguay’s bid to host

The President of POC and IOC member Camilo Pérez said Paraguay decided to bid for the 2027 Pan American Games for three main reasons. Firstly, to continue with the sports development that the country started in 2011, which has led Paraguay to host major sports events continuously.

Secondly, hosting the Pan American Games represents a significant legacy in sports, economics, and society. At the same time, thirdly, but most importantly, «we have the firm and committed support of the National Government and President Santiago Peña to carry out this mega event since sports is one of the main axes of his government’s policy,» expressed Pérez.

Another point highlighted by Paraguay is the top-level sports infrastructure for Athletes, Coaches, and Officials, with 80% of sports concentrated in two main parks. «We facilitate transportation to the sports venues for the Pan American Family. The Pan American Village will be no more than 25 minutes away from the hotels of the Pan American Family and the sports venues for the convenience of Athletes, Coaches, and Officials. Additionally, our hospitality is renowned for making foreigners feel at home, or even better,» he highlighted.

Photo credits: Paraguayan Olympic Committee (POC).

Pérez emphasized that the Government firmly supports Asunción’s bid for the 2027 Pan American Games, «it is a fundamental fact that the presidential term extends until 2028. President Santiago Peña will receive and close the Games at the Closing Ceremony if we obtain the host city.»

In the interview, he also recalled that following the success of the 2022 South American Games, with citizen support and the commitment of Paraguayan athletes, there is support from the entire Paraguayan people «to organize the Pan American Games in 2027 successfully.»

Opportunity for small countries

In addition to being a responsibility and a commitment to all athletes and National Olympic Committees of the Americas, the 2027 Pan American Games in Paraguay represents «an opportunity that, thanks to the legacy of the Pan American Games, allows a small country in size but big in convictions and desire to continue improving, to grow in sports infrastructure and support the economic and social development of our country,» said Pérez.

He recalled that the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games were a total success from every point of view. Firstly, the sports facilities were in optimal conditions, providing a perfect environment for the athletic performance of all athletes on the continent. Secondly, the cultural diversity and Chilean hospitality added a special touch to the experience. The packed stadiums demonstrated the widespread approval of the entire Chilean people towards the Games.