Paraguay’s best features will be highlighted through a radio program in New York

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Francisca Segovia is a compatriot residing in Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York City, United States. Since 1991, for 33 years, she has been promoting Paraguayan culture through the radio programs Tribuna Abierta and Oñondivepa, of which she is the director. The online radio station is legally constituted, and its objective is to promote Paraguayan culture through interviews with compatriots and broadcasting of Paraguayan music.

Radio Tribuna is on air all week, featuring special interviews and Paraguayan folk music produced from both Paraguay and the United States. On weekends, she hosts programs. Interaction with the audience is constant; they receive messages from more than forty countries.

Francisca Segovia created the program «Domingo de Cuentos» (Sunday of Stories), where one of the collaborators is Teresa Méndez-Faith, a university professor, writer, and essayist, daughter of the musician Epifanio Méndez Fleitas, married to an American citizen, and a resident of the United States for decades. The «Domingo de Cuentos» program has interviewed more than 400 Paraguayan and foreign writers.

Francisca Segovia runs an online radio station in New York, where she promotes Paraguayan music and culture.

In her programs, Francisca provides space for real-life narratives, which are being collected in a book that will be released soon. It has been 36 years of compiling rich life testimonies.

Francisca carries out philanthropic and non-profit work promoting the Paraguayan nation and its people. Recently, she contacted the Vice Minister of Communications of MITIC, Alejandra Duarte Albospino, on behalf of the production team of «Paraguay, Ventanas Abiertas al Mundo» (Paraguay, Open Windows to the World), a radio program aimed at showcasing the full potential and diversity of Paraguay.

She informed that the primary purpose of this radio program, which she hosts from New York, is to highlight Paraguay’s facets, from its culture and heritage to its economic development and investment opportunities. «We firmly believe in the importance of sharing with the world the richness and beauty of our country, as well as the opportunities for growth and collaboration at the international level,» she said in the note.

She also detailed that the program will be broadcast every Saturday from 13:00 to 14:00, New York time, starting from June 1st, to reach a global audience interested in learning more about Paraguay. «During each broadcast, we will have the honor of having special guests who will share their knowledge and experiences on different aspects of Paraguay, from business leaders to tourism and culture experts,» Francisca Segovia said.

To date, Francisca Segovia has visited nine of the departments of our country through radio, and she still has eight more to go. «Each department will be highlighted in two or more programs, depending on the amount of information we have to share with our listeners, as well as the importance and diversity of each region,» she noted.

«We are committed to presenting a comprehensive and balanced perspective of Paraguay, highlighting its achievements and challenges, to promote greater understanding and appreciation for our nation internationally,» the Paraguayan communicator concludes.

Francisca Segovia thanks the support and collaboration of MITIC in the dissemination of the program «Paraguay, Ventanas Abiertas al Mundo,» which can be listened to at or by downloading the radio app from the Apple or Google Store.