Actions taken by Paraguay encourage greater protection of labor rights in the country, highlighted in Geneva

Asunción, Agencia IP.- In a powerful display of collective effort, government representatives, employers, and trade union organizations from Paraguay gathered at the 112th International Labor Conference (ILC) in Geneva from June 3 to 14. They collectively highlighted the significant actions taken by Paraguay in the last nine months to strengthen the labor inspection system, which has led to a more robust protection of workers’ rights and full compliance with international standards.

This Wednesday, the Paraguayan Government, through the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security, exercised the defense with respect to the observations related to Convention 81 on Labor Inspection, approved within the scope of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

On this momentous occasion, the regional coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC), Gabriel Tamariz, expressed his admiration for the measures adopted by Paraguay. These measures, which include increasing the number of labor inspectors, improving their ongoing training, and ensuring fair remuneration, have garnered positive feedback from the international community. They are seen as significant steps towards improving the labor inspection system and promoting a safe and equitable work environment.

The delegate of the worker sector for Paraguay, Luis González Arias, proudly stated that the employer sector of Paraguay has fully supported the initiatives undertaken by the government since its assumption in August 2023. These initiatives, aimed at improving the conditions and efficiency of labor inspections, Are a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to comply with the provisions of Convention No. 81. This commitment is a source of confidence for all stakeholders.

The delegate of El Salvador, Carlos Alberto Peña, said: «We recognize the measures adopted by the new administration in a short time, and we encourage the Paraguayan government to continue promoting improvements in labor inspection, with measures such as increasing inspectors, ongoing training and ensuring fair remuneration.»

The representative of the European Union, Clémentine Burniaux, said that they take note of the response from the Paraguayan government and ask that the necessary measures be adopted to have a good number of inspectors and good coverage at the national level.

In a special session, the Vice Minister of Labor, César Segovia, outlined the actions to strengthen labor inspections while highlighting the value of tripartite dialogue to safeguard the rights of Paraguayan workers.