«Cybersecurity is a collective effort,» says Vice Minister in the face of cyberattack event

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Juan Ardissone, the Vice Minister of Technologies at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (Mitic), emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant and working collaboratively to prevent cyberattacks. He also highlighted the support the State provides to private companies in the face of such events.

«From Mitic, we are ready to offer support. We all have to work on cybersecurity together, staying vigilant and alert to improve cybersecurity continually,» stated the Vice Minister on Monday.

Ardissone spoke with several radio stations about cybersecurity following a specific attack that affected the company’s data center providing corporate services.

While he mentioned that the State does not have exact information on the internal aspects «because it pertains to a private company, and there are reservations about that,» he noted that Mitic is aware of the cyberattack suffered by the company since last Thursday and is available to assist if needed.

«We are not currently working on data recovery because they told us they are following the protocol and working with their technicians. The crucial aspect here is that recovery protocols should be in place when such incidents occur,» stated the vice minister.

In this context, Ardissone pointed out that cyberattacks are always a threat and «something we have to be consistently working on,» as they can impact both public institutions and private companies and individuals.

«If we talk about a person’s computer, it is essential always to have antivirus software, avoid using pirated programs that often come with a backdoor vulnerability, and never open email attachments that were not expected,» he recommended.

On another note, the vice minister mentioned that, as a collateral effect of the attack on the Tigo company, one of the services provided by the National Ministry of Foreign Affairs was affected, being the only case within the public sector. Currently, this service has been restored, he added.