Minister highlights advances in the application of technology in health, security, and education

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Minister of Information and Communication Technologies (Mitic), Gustavo Villate, highlighted the achievements and advances obtained during his first hundred days as the Head of the Ministry. Villate highlighted technology implementation in critical areas such as security, education, and health, with a determined focus on job creation.

In an interview with Paraguay TV, the Minister pointed out the importance of the strategic application of technology to improve citizens’ quality of life.

«Mitic has a fundamental role in this new Government, which consists of taking and optimizing the available resources to the maximum for the benefit of the citizens,» said Villate.

In line with this vision, the Minister claims that technology is an essential tool to achieve greater efficiency in managing public resources. «We emphasize that citizens are informed first-hand about how, from the institutions, we are managing the resources that will ultimately translate into a significant improvement in all aspects of their lives,» Villate added.

In this context, the Minister emphasized the relevance of communication as an equally crucial component in Mitic’s strategy. «If we apply technology but do not communicate adequately, we face a problem. Communication is as important as the implementation of actions. These spaces for dialogue are essential for citizens to know transparently and directly how we manage public resources,» he emphasized.

In terms of health, he highlighted the inter-institutional efforts with the Ministry of Public Health to implement the hospital information system (HIS), which has incorporated new computer equipment into health services. Today, 237 public health facilities have HIS, of which Mitic supported implementing 110 through the Digital Agenda Support Program.

Likewise, Villate mentioned the «Boldo» project, which is being carried out with the Itaipú Technology Park (PTI Paraguay). It is an app that allows citizens to schedule and carry out medical consultations online through mobile devices. This application, integrated into the public health HIS system, can further improve the service offered to citizens.

The arrival of Starlink in Paraguay represents a crucial advance in Mitic’s mission to bring high-speed connectivity to every part of the country. Understanding that connectivity goes beyond technology constitutes a means for inclusion and equal access to opportunities for all Paraguayans.

Electronic signatures are revolutionizing public management by allowing officials to sign documents quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for physical processes and reducing costs. This measure not only streamlines administrative procedures but also supports sustainability by reducing the use of paper while ensuring the authenticity and integrity of digital documents.

The recent approval of the law that grants legal validity to mandatory digital documents marks significant progress in simplifying procedures. «Today, we are officially launching the portability of identity and driving documents in joint work with other state powers, in this case, the automotive registry, the judiciary, and the municipalities. We did this in less than one hundred days,» said the Minister.

In the education field, Minister Villate explained that from Mitic, the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) is supported by two pillars: administrative and didactic. The first includes the digitalization of the areas of the bureaucratic administration of the institution, and the second is the training of talents with digital skills.

Minister Villate concluded the interview by expressing his continued commitment to the effective use of technology to drive the country’s progress and assuring Mitic will continue to work tirelessly to benefit all Paraguayans.