More visibility for women in the sports sphere

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Aiming this, the Ministry of Women and the National Sports Secretariat (SND) signed a cooperation agreement. It would also help promote joint activities, according to the SND.«We have to promote the area of sports and women. Today, we also signed a Specific Agreement to work on an activity we will develop in February 2024 to commemorate Paraguayan women. We are going to have a Women’s Expo,» said the Minister of Women, Cynthia Figueredo, after signing the document.

She explained that the activity launch would be done soon. She stated that «this space will allow public and private institutions, added to entrepreneurs women, exposed the actions they perform for women’s empowerment.»

She added that it will seek to «Valuate and make visible the knowledge and skills of women in the public and private sphere, through different activities such as exhibitions, recognition of different groups of female creators, art, photography, literary contests, publication of works of Paraguayan authors, institutional memory or prioritized strategic axes.»
«We believe that the sports field is directly linked to women’s care since it promotes spaces for physical and emotional activity and social recreation for women. More joint projects will come,» concluded the Women’s Minister.

The Agreement’s main objective is to join forces to promote the project called «Women who create.» The activity mentioned earlier, in its first edition, will take place between February 22, 23, and 24, 2024, within the framework of the commemoration of «Paraguayan Women’s Day.»