«Our people, Paraguay’s most important asset,» highlighted Peña in Argentina

Asunción, Agencia IP.- In an interview with an Argentine media outlet, the President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, emphasized Paraguay’s potential, as well as the resources the country possesses, both natural and its population, which he described as the most critical asset.

«We have many natural resources, we are blessed to have land, abundant water, but the people, the most important asset of Paraguay,» expressed the Head of State to Canal 13 of Argentina after he met with President Javier Milei at the Casa Rosada.

In this context, he mentioned the extensive and cordial conversation with Milei as two economists discussing common international issues.

«We have a huge responsibility, and we have committed to working together. We talked about the bilateral agenda and our responsibility in this complicated world where, apart from solving our internal problems, there are also great challenges at the international level. There, we always have to be together on political issues. For us, they are fundamental,» he emphasized.

Peña mentioned that he maintains an excellent personal and bilateral relationship with Milei, as well as with President Lula of Brazil.

The Paraguay-Paraná waterway: one of the main elements of integration and development

Regarding the Paraguay-Paraná waterway, he reiterated that its potential for the region’s progress is enormous. «For South America, it can be one of the main elements of integration and development,» he said, mentioning that it is also necessary to change the local view to a regional one for that purpose.

In this line, he mentioned that with the President of Argentina, Javier Milei, there is «a widespread vision,» he is convinced that with the other countries that are part of the project, they will «find common ground.» Five countries in the region are part of the waterway project.