«Paraguay has the potential to establish as a production hub reference,» affirms the National Council of Export Maquila Industries

Asunción, Agencia IP.- In a global environment marked by intense competition and rising production costs, Paraguay is emerging as a strategic and attractive destination for companies seeking to optimize operations and maximize profits. Under the maquila regime, the country is positioning as a prominent manufacturing hub, attracting investments and renowned international brands.

Natalia Cáceres Martínez, Executive Secretary of the National Council of Export Maquila Industries, emphasizes that Paraguay offers a highly favorable fiscal environment with a simplified tax system.

The maquila regime involves a single 1% tax on export invoices and the suspension of customs duties to import raw materials, significantly reducing operating costs.

According to Cáceres Martínez, Paraguay boasts a privileged location in the heart of Mercosur, with access to a market of over 300 million inhabitants. Its connections to deep-water ports facilitate exports to international markets such as Europe and the United States.

«Paraguay has the potential to establish itself as a production hub of reference. The combination of competitive advantages makes it an ideal destination for companies seeking efficiency and access to global markets.»


– Natalia Cáceres Martínez

The Executive Secretary highlighted that Paraguay has a young and growing population, with skilled human talent adaptable to new technologies. This availability of committed labor is key to business success in the country.

Furthermore, the Paraguayan government promotes foreign investment with favorable policies and regulations. Economic stability instills confidence in investors, supporting the sustained growth of various economic sectors.

The maquila industry has generated thousands of direct and indirect jobs, diversified industrial production, and stimulated the national economy. Cáceres Martínez emphasized that the maquila regime is expected to continue attracting investments, generating opportunities, and surpassing previous economic achievements.

This is a unique opportunity to drive economic development and position Paraguay as an industrial leader in the region.