Towards a more conscious society about the importance of combating violence

Written by Cynthia Figueredo

Minister of Women

In the crossroads of challenges our society faces, one of the most pressing is the persistent problem of violence. Today, it is a must that all state powers not only recognize but actively lead the cause of sensibilization since it is the way to get a life free of violence. Education is critical to achieving equality.

"Ignorance is the fuel of violence; education is its antidote"

Violence, in its many forms, is rooted in society, affecting individuals and communities in dimensions that often pass unnoticed. As leaders of the public and private sectors, we must recognize the influence to promote consciousness and, even more importantly, to trigger tangible actions.

Sensibilization is the torch that illuminates the way towards real change. It is about recognizing violence when it happens, understanding its profound roots, and working tirelessly to eradicate it. Ignorance is the fuel of violence; education is its antidote.

It is crucial to initiate and continue programs’ leads regarding educating about different kinds of violence and promoting an environment of support and comprehension. It is ideal to establish alliances with local organizations dedicated to preventing violence.

Also, to use digital platforms to disseminate messages of awareness and take their influence to have meaningful conversations. It is the moment to declare and reinforce firm workplace policies against violence. Zero tolerance is the base of a safe and respectful environment.

I invite you to share histories of resilience and overcoming. Often, change starts with inspiration, and these stories can be lights of hope.

By adopting these actions, we fulfil our social responsibility and contribute to sculpting a safer and compassionate future. Violence has no room in an informed and emphatical society, and it depends on us to lead this change.

In the way of a more conscious society, every step counts. I invite you to give those steps to our institutions or enterprises and to the community, especially family. It is there where the conditions of the numbers in our countries have risen and that today generates so many cases of violence against women and children.

We are making many efforts from the Ministry of Women but need help to achieve it. It is a problem involving everyone as a society and demands us to report the facts. I encourage institutions to protect women who are victims, to put their most significant efforts into providing help on time and to fulfil the duty of protection at the right time.

This work makes us top us the best of our strategies to achieve it, and while not reaching the cases, to insist on sensitizing from education in values about the importance of equality in each home of our beloved nation.

Let’s continue reinforcing the path of a violence-free life for all Paraguayan families!