Weapons Law is regulated to strengthen the fight against organized crime

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Members of the National Defense Council (CODENA) regulated Law No. 4036/2010, «On Firearms, their Parts and Components, Ammunition, Explosives, Accessories and Related,» to establish effective control in the fight against illegal arms trafficking.

With this implementation, it is intended that the Directorate of War Material (DIMABEL), as the application authority, can carry out its management more transparently.

Clear rules and specific deadlines are established for all procedures to be carried out by individuals, merchants, and users of firearms, explosives, and similar, applying technology at the citizen’s service with the implementation of the Dimabel Information System (SID).

Incentive for gun registration

Management facilities are provided to encourage all citizens to register their weapons, and the registration cost is reduced for one year after implementing this regulation through conditional possession registration. This means a 50% decrease in the price of gun registration and 100% of the cost of the safe driving test.

In addition, the control approach by DIMABEL was modified, establishing parameters for the marketing and use of weapons, focusing greater attention on their design and mechanism, not only on the calibers, as traditionally occurred.

A limitation is also established on the number of weapons and ammunition that can be imported annually and the control and safety requirements for weapons assembled and manufactured in our country. The cost of weapons registration for all classifications and categories is unified into a minimum daily wage.

To encourage and support sporting activities, the reloading of ammunition is regulated for the use of clubs and associations, sports shooters, and hunters, as well as the importation of supplies through intermediation. Likewise, sports shooters and hunters are exempt from paying fees for participation in competitions abroad.

The export figure was introduced for manufacturers and assemblers, considering that in our country, there are two national companies with the capacity to manufacture or assemble firearms and export them.

Also included was the figure of intermediation for the marketing of supplies, reloading, explosives, and quality control certification of firearm prototypes and the implementation of the figure of ballistic fingerprint registration to be carried out in DIMABEL in the registration department National Weapons (RENAR).